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Root Canals

Tucson, AZ dentist performs root canals to save teeth

Imagine waking one morning with a swollen face and unbearable pain. Or maybe having a toothache that comes and goes; or unusual sensitivity to hot and cold foods. You may believe the only way to resolve the problem is to have the offending teeth extracted. Please don’t be hasty! You may be able to get quick toothache pain relief and save your teeth. With root canals, Dr. Colby Echols has helped many patients in the Tucson, AZ area do exactly that.

Understanding endodontic therapy

Teeth are hard and strong, but they are not solid. At the center of each tooth is a hollow filled with vascular tissue and nerves, which extend through canals to the root. These nerves help your dentition sense temperature and bite force to avoid dental damage. However, the nerves in any single tooth are not vital for this function.

A badly decayed tooth, a cavity hidden beneath old dental work, or a chip or fracture compromises tooth structure, allowing harmful oral bacteria to reach the pulp chamber. Bacteria trigger infection, inflammation, and painful pressure inside the tooth. Without prompt root canal therapy, the tooth must be extracted to avoid infection spreading and becoming a threat to overall health.

As a root canal dentist, Dr. Echols treats the infected tooth root, removing the source of the discomfort and protecting the tooth from further damage.

Root canals are nothing to fear in Tucson, AZ

Root canal treatment gets a bad rap, but in truth, it alleviates pain from infection, and the procedure is about like getting a filling:

  • Dr. Echols ensures your comfort with thorough numbing, bringing immediate relief.
  • Areas of decay or damage are removed.
  • The pulp chamber is opened, releasing pressure.
  • Using special endodontic instruments, the doctor removes infected tissue and nerves.
  • Canals are sanitized and the tooth is sealed.
  • A temporary restoration is placed.
  • You visit Dr. Echols again in a few weeks for a porcelain crown, which strengthens tooth structure.

With good home oral hygiene and regular checkups, the treated tooth can last as long as any other tooth in your mouth.

If you have nagging discomfort, a discolored tooth, tender gums, or a toothache, please do not wait. Call (520) 595-3655 for gentle root canals at Swan Dental in Tucson, AZ.

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