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Teeth Whitening

Effective teeth whitening solutions in Tucson, AZ

Teeth whitening is an easy and economical way to renew the appearance of your smile and give your confidence a boost. Retail and drug stores have aisles of teeth bleaching products, but at Swan Dental in Tucson, AZ, you get the effective results of professional teeth whitening with the oversight of a trained dental team.

How whitening works

The enamel on your teeth looks smooth, but under magnification you would see that it is covered with grooves and pores. Pigments from tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine, tomato sauce, and dark berries become embedded in these contours. While brushing removes some surface stains, it does not reach the entrenched pigments. Plus, aggressive brushing scratches enamel, which worsens the problem in the long term.

Professional whitening agents penetrate enamel. The chemical oxidizes when exposed to air, creating microscopic bubbles that loosen stains and lift them away.

As we age, enamel gets thinner, allowing the yellowish dentin layer underneath to show through. Medical grade whitening gel bleaches dentin and can even improve deep staining such as from medications.

Teeth whitening that suits Tucson, AZ lifestyles

What is the best way to whiten teeth? The one that works for you! We tailor teeth whitening services, so you get the bright smile you want and the convenience you deserve.

  • Zoom! whitening is sometimes called laser teeth whitening, because a special light is applied to accelerate the whitening process. In-office treatment takes only about an hour to dramatically brighten tooth color. Bleaching can be repeated if necessary, to remove years of built up stains.
  • For teeth whitening at home, the doctor creates application trays from impressions of your mouth. You receive a supply of gel in a strength that matches your whitening needs. Fill the trays and wear them while you sleep, or for an hour during the day for about two weeks. The doctor can adjust your wearing schedule or add a buffering ingredient for this method of teeth whitening for sensitive teeth.
  • Combination treatment – Use your at-home kit periodically to maintain results from in-office whitening or initial at-home treatment. With good oral hygiene and regular cleaning and exam appointments, your smile will stay brighter longer.

Get ready to smile with confidence. Call (520) 595-3655 to learn more about teeth whitening solutions at Swan Dental in Tucson, AZ.

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