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Emergency Dentistry

It is easy to find an emergency dentist in Tucson, AZ

When you or someone you love is hurting, emotions run high. This is not the time to search the internet for a walk-in dentist or emergency dental office. When you become a patient of Swan Dental in Tucson, AZ, you receive care from a professional team, passionate about helping you avoid dental problems, and have an emergency dentist when you need one.

Urgent care for tooth pain

One of the primary reasons people seek emergency dental care is an unbearable toothache. It is often the result of an abscess, which happens when oral pathogens make their way to the nerve center of the tooth. As infection and pressure build, pain may become acute very quickly, accompanied by facial swelling. Job #1 is getting you out of discomfort and getting the infection under control with medications. Then, Dr. Echols may be able to save the tooth from extraction by performing root canal therapy.

Dealing with dental trauma

When a tooth is dislodged (loosened) or avulsed (knocked out), time is of the essence. With immediate dental care, the tooth may be re-implanted and stabilized for a better chance of saving it. Dr. Echols recommends these steps:

  • If there is uncontrolled bleeding or possibility of broken bones, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency department right away.
  • Handle an avulsed tooth only by the crown.
  • If it is dirty, rinse with plain water.
  • Place it back into the socket if possible, between cheek and gum, or in a small cup of your saliva or milk (which has a similar pH).
  • Call Swan Dental immediately. If it is after regular business hours, you will be provided with emergency contact information.
  • Dr. Echols will see you promptly.

While broken tooth treatment is generally not as critical, it can cause discomfort and embarrassment. Treatment will be scheduled as soon as possible.

The emergency dentist who knows his patients in Tucson, AZ

As a patient of Swan Dental, should you ever have a dental emergency, you will be seen by the dentist who knows your background. Your dental and medical records are handy. Care is not stalled by paperwork requirements. Plus, you get the calming assurance of friendly, familiar faces during an otherwise stressful situation. New patients are welcome. Call (520) 595-3655 to make Dr. Echols your emergency dentist in Tucson, AZ.

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