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Composite Fillings

Tucson, AZ smiles look natural with composite fillings

Do you have a cavity or filling? You are not alone. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, in this country 92 percent of adults aged 20 to 64 have tooth decay in permanent teeth. That does not mean you have to broadcast it with a noticeable silver colored filling. In Tucson, AZ, Dr. Colby Echols uses strong, durable composite fillings that restore the function and attractiveness of your teeth.

What are tooth colored fillings?

White fillings are made of composite resin – a BPA-safe dental plastic, blended with finely powdered glass to reflect light like natural enamel. The color is carefully matched to the shade of your teeth, so only a dentist can detect the dental restoration.

In addition to addressing tooth decay, composite fillings can be used for:

  • Fractured or chipped teeth repair
  • Broken teeth repair
  • Covering root structure exposed by gum recession to reduce sensitivity and risk of decay at the gumline
  • Repairing worn down teeth
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Disguising minor imperfections in shape, size, color, or alignment

Composite fillings: A single visit process in Tucson, AZ

The composite filling technique can be an economical alternative to porcelain crowns or veneers, and it is efficient. It takes only about an hour per treated tooth.

Dr. Echols selects the most appropriate type of composite, based on the use and location in your mouth. He chooses the shade that blends with your own dentition. You are numbed so that decayed or damaged tooth structure can be painlessly removed. (This is often not necessary for cosmetic bonding.) If decay is near the tooth’s nerve, a special medication is applied to reduce sensitivity.

The tooth is cleaned, and an etching solution is applied to ensure a strong bond. Then the pliable composite material is molded to fill the cavity and restore the shape of the tooth. It is hardened with a curing light, then trimmed and shaped a little more. With a final polishing, the restoration mimics natural tooth structure beautifully. The non-metal material does not conduct heat and cold, so the restoration is comfortable.

With sensible oral habits and good hygiene, composite fillings can last many years. Did you know that Swan Dental in Tucson, AZ is accepting new patients? Call (520) 595-3655 to schedule appointments for your family.

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