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General Anesthesiologist

Specialist General Anesthesiologist for Dental Procedures in Tucson, AZ

Dr. Colby Echols takes every precaution to make sure you are comfortable and at ease throughout any dental procedure, from cleanings to root canals. Every part of his office is designed to put you at ease, and he offers specialized sedation dentistry for patients with anxiety about visiting the dentist. Occasionally, some patients will have symptoms or cosmetic goals that may require more in-depth procedures. In some cases, general anesthesia may be used to make sure you are comfortable and safe throughout treatment.

If general anesthesia is required before you undergo a specific treatment, Dr. Echols uses an outside specialist anesthesiologist with years of experience administering general anesthesia for patients of all ages.

Types of General Anesthesia and What to Expect

General anesthesia refers to a combination of medicine types that will put you in an unconscious state in preparation for a complex medical procedure. This is typically done using intravenous (IV) medicines combined with inhalable gases. For the safety and security of his patients, Dr. Echols partners with a local Tucson, AZ specialist who is expert at administering these medicines, so patients undergoing complex procedures will have safe and predictable results.

If your procedure requires general anesthesia, you will undergo a brief medical screening to confirm you are a good candidate health-wise. General anesthesia is safe for most patients. The day of your procedure you may be required to fast for up to six hours before coming in, and you may need to avoid certain medications, which Dr. Echols will go over with you beforehand. Administration of general anesthesia typically begins with an IV. The medication will enter your bloodstream intravenously, and you will enter a dream-like state shortly after. Patients with anxiety or other conditions may begin with an inhalable gas, which will help put them at ease going into the procedure.

You will awake from your procedure with no memory of it, and after a few minutes, you will be ready to head home. You may experience brief grogginess, but Dr. Echols’ specialist will guide you through the waking process, making sure you are comfortable and safe until consciousness is restored.

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