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Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain dental crowns: Beautiful smile restoration in Tucson, AZ

Crowns have been part of dentistry throughout its history, but they have never performed better than with today’s strong, durable dentalporcelain. Dr. Colby Echols in Tucson, AZ takes pride in creating white crowns for teeth that look natural and feel and function normally.

When Tucson, AZ dentist recommends porcelain dental crowns

A porcelain tooth crown is a hollow cap which fits over a prepared tooth. Dr. Echols may suggest teeth caps in these situations:

  • A crown stabilizes a tooth with an area of decay too large to support a composite filling.
  • A front dental crown is used to restore appearance when a corner is broken off.
  • A crown can hold pieces of a fractured tooth together.
  • A crown strengthens and protects a tooth that has had root canal therapy.
  • Crowns anchor a dental bridge, to replace missing teeth.
  • A crown is part of a dental implant restoration for a missing tooth.
  • Porcelain teeth are sometimes recommended for cosmetic enhancement when teeth are worn down, have an unusual shape, or are deeply discolored (such as from tetracycline).

The dental crown process

Usually just two visits are needed to get a crown. At the first, Dr. Echols numbs your mouth. Areas of damage or decay are removed, and remaining tooth structure is shaped to hold the crown. Impressions of your mouth are taken. They serve as molds for fabrication of your crown at a dental laboratory. Meanwhile the tooth is protected with a temporary composite restoration.

When you return to Swan Dental in about two weeks, the interim restoration is painlessly removed. The doctor cleans the tooth and checks the fit of the new crown. He also evaluates bite registration to be sure you can chew comfortably. Then the crown is cemented in place and polished.

It is easy to care for crowns. Brush at least twice a day, with a little extra attention at the margin where the crown meets gum tissue. Floss before bedtime. Avoid biting directly into hard objects (ice, carrots, fingernails) or chewing on super sticky candy (taffy or stiff caramel). Be sure to visit Dr. Echols twice a year for professional cleaning and examination. He will make sure your crowns are in good repair.

New patients are welcome at Swan Dental in Tucson, AZ. Call (520) 595-3655.

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