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Cleanings & Prevention

Conscientious teeth cleaning and prevention keeps Tucson, AZ smiles healthy

Dr. Colby Echols and his hygiene team in Tucson, AZ are enthusiastic about helping patients discover the many benefits of a clean mouth – fresher breath, more attractive appearance, oral health, and whole-body wellness. As a patient of Swan Dental, you will enjoy gentle teeth cleaning and sound advice on home care for a sparkling smile.

The importance of dental exams & teeth cleaning in Tucson, AZ

Your mouth is host to many strains of oral bacteria. They form a sticky biofilm called plaque that traps food debris. Without regular dental cleaning, which involves removing plaque from teeth with special instruments, the film hardens into tartar. Heavy tartar removal requires a much more aggressive technique, so it is better to stay on top of the problem.

The hygienists at Swan Dental perform laser teeth cleaning, for a more thorough experience. This method of deep cleaning teeth gets into contours, with less scraping. It is also an excellent teeth stain remover.

Cleaning appointments are Dr. Echols chance to perform a comprehensive examination of teeth and soft tissues. He screens for oral cancer and may recommend dental X-rays for a closer look at what is going on inside your body.

Early detection of dental problem generally results in treatment that is:

  • Less extensive and expensive
  • More comfortable
  • Likely to have a better outcome

Avoid problems with preventive dental care

When teeth are freshly cleaned, it is an excellent time to consider preventive dental treatment. Topical application of fluoride fortifies tooth enamel, “healing” tiny cavities and combats daily acid attack that causes new ones. Tooth sealants keep harmful bacteria out of crevices in molars where cavities are likely to form. Dental sealant is a good idea for children, as soon as permanent molars emerge. Adults benefit from sealants, too – especially smokers and people with hereditary soft enamel.

Good oral hygiene habits start at home

Our dental team is passionate about helping you keep your mouth clean every day. We provide hands on instruction in how to properly brush & floss, and advice on the best oral hygiene aids for your situation – toothbrush, paste, floss, and mouth rinse, as well as special helpers such as a bridge flosser or water flosser.Let’s work together to reduce risk of tooth decay and gum disease, so you can keep your teeth for life. Call (520) 595-3655.

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