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Dental Bridges

Tucson, AZ dentist restores smiles with dental bridges

Have you ever talked with someone who is missing a tooth (or several) and found yourself staring at the gap? Since the human eye seeks out the symmetry of a complete set of teeth, a space is very noticeable. It also affects clear speech and enjoyment in eating, and lets remaining teeth go crooked. The good news is that dental bridges fill the space of missing teeth and restore your smile. Dr. Colby Echols has helped many patients throughout Tucson, AZ regain confidence in their smiles and full oral function with this technique.

What is a fixed bridge?

A tooth bridge consists of one or several artificial teeth (pontics). There is a crown or hollow cap at each end of the unit. The crowns fit over abutment teeth on each side of the gap, securely cemented to hold the bridge in place.

You may hear people refer to a “removable dental bridge,” but that is a partial denture. While it is also used for replacing missing teeth, a denture lacks the stability of a bridge, so it may not be as comfortable or look as natural.

Dr. Echols may use a different design for a front dental bridge. With a Maryland bonded bridge, artificial teeth are anchored by “wings” cemented to the backs of adjacent teeth. This type of bridge avoids the need to shape (grind down) abutment teeth.

When three or more teeth in a span are missing, dental implants may be used as abutments.

Getting dental bridges in Tucson, AZ

Being fitted for a dental bridge is like getting a crown – usually just two visits are necessary:

  • Preparation and impressions are done at the first appointment.
  • Impressions, along with precise measurements and shading instructions, go to a trusted dental laboratory where the unit is made from a strong, lustrous ceramic material.
  • You return to Swan Dental to have the bridge cemented in position.
  • The doctor or hygienist provides instructions on how to keep your mouth clean and healthy with a bridge.

With good oral hygiene and regular checkups, your dental bridge can provide many years of carefree service.Are dental bridges right for your smile? Schedule a visit to Swan Dental to find out. The number in Tucson, AZ is (520) 595-3655.

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