Understanding the procedure for tooth crowns in Tucson, AZ

Tooth Crown in Tucson AZ area

At Swan Dental in Tucson, AZ, it is our absolute pleasure to help our patients maintain healthy smiles. At the same time, we understand that many patients don’t love the idea of restorative dentistry. The good news is, there is no reason to avoid scheduling an appointment with Dr. Echols to improve your oral health. Dental tooth crowns are one of the most performed treatments in our office. Below, we’ll explain everything you need to know about dental crowns.

What are dental crowns and why are they used?

Dental crowns are a specially fabricated cap that fits over the entire visible structure of the tooth. They are used for many reasons including:

  • To repair teeth with extensive decay
  • To protect teeth after root canal treatment
  • To strengthen teeth with large cracks or chips
  • To protect teeth with large fillings
  • To cosmetically improve the appearance of a tooth

The tooth crown process             

The process for receiving a tooth crown begins with your initial consultation. During this visit, the dentist will evaluate the tooth as well as overall oral health to determine if a dental crown is the best treatment option. Once a dental crown is agreed upon, the appointment can be scheduled for treatment to begin.

The next step is to prepare the tooth for the dental crown. This involves removing a small amount of the tooth structure in order to allow the dental crown to fit comfortably and naturally within the smile. Impressions are then taken and sent to the laboratory for custom fabrication of your final restoration. A temporary crown will be placed to protect the tooth and preserve functionality during the waiting period.

Once the final crown is ready at our office, we will schedule your appointment for placement. The crown is first checked for proper fit before it is permanently bonded into place.

After the placement of a dental crown on your tooth, it’s normal to experience some increased sensitivity. This should resolve on its own within a few days. Make sure to continue to brush the crown just like regular teeth and floss down to the gum line to ensure the area stays healthy. If sensitivity or discomfort persist, please give us a call to schedule a follow-up. In some cases, the crown may need to be adjusted just a bit to improve the bite. With good oral care and routine dental visits, dental crowns can last for a decade or longer.

Smile brighter with dental crowns from Swan Dental

At Swan Dental, our goal is to provide our patients in the Tucson area with accessible, high-quality dental care. Dental crowns are just one of the many restorative treatment options we provide to bring back beauty, function, and health to the smile. Whether you have a painful tooth or are unhappy with the appearance of a tooth, please give us a call at (520) 595-3655. We’re happy to look at your tooth and determine if dental crowns are the right solution to your dental issue.

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