Composite Dental Fillings in Tucson, Arizona

Composite Dental Fillings in Tucson, Arizona Area

Here at Swan Dental in Tucson, Arizona, our dental team is proud to offer an array of services, including the much-requested service of providing composite fillings. Composite fillings are a specialty mixture that dentists insert into a tooth to restore decay, reshape a disfigured tooth, or otherwise enhance a person’s smile. This is a very popular procedure and one that comes with minimal to no risk. That said, if you are looking to contact our dental team about your first composite filling, you probably have some questions. 

We hope the following FAQs helps answer the most pressing questions you have regarding this procedure:

Composite Dental Fillings FAQs

  • How are composite dental fillings placed? Composites are called such because they are a combination of plastic and glass. Still, there is variation in the consistency of a composite that ranges from full fluidity (typically used for front teeth) and more of a paste-like consistency (typically used to restore molars). Regardless of which composite filling consistency is recommended for you, your dentist will use a layered approach. This means they will insert a small amount, then use a specialized light to fully harden the composite, and then insert a new layer of composite atop the newly hardened one. This layering process will continue until the desired effect is achieved, and the dentist will finish off the procedure with a polishing. 
  • How long will composite dental filling treatments take? In general, patients can expect a composite filling to take about an hour per tooth. However, patients should also expect about a quarter of an hour for preparation.
  • Will my insurance cover composite dental fillings? Every insurance policy differs but, in general, we have found that most policies will cover composite fillings for up to the price of a silver filling and request patients pay the difference.
  • How long will a composite dental filling treatment last? Unfortunately, composite fillings are not typically permanent, and they may become damaged or crack off. Generally, composite fillings should hold for upwards of at least seven years with good oral hygiene. Your dentist may also be able to make small repairs over time to further extend its life. In best-case scenarios, where patients adhere to good oral hygiene and regularly come in for dental check-ups, we have seen composite fillings last for around a decade.
  • What are the drawbacks of composite dental fillings? Like all procedures, there are some slight drawbacks. As noted above, composite fillings will last seven years — which is a long time, but there are other more permanent procedures you might undergo. Additionally, some patients may experience post-operative sensitivity at and around the site of the composite fillings. Some patients also ask for a clear plastic coating to reduce the risk of composite fillings from becoming overly stained.

Schedule Your Appointment for Composite Dental Fillings Today

While we hope the above answers some of your questions about composite fillings, if you have more, our team is here to answer them! Contact our team at Swan Dental for your composite tooth fillings in Tucson today by calling us at (520) 595-3655.

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