Reasons why a professional teeth whitening service in Tucson, AZ is superior to over the counter options

Teeth Whitening for You at Swan Dental in Tucson AZ Area

Has your smile lost that sparkling whiteness of yesteryear? Have you attempted to whiten your smile using over the counter options with little to no positive result? If you have been looking for a dentist near you who can provide you with a teeth whitening service that will have you showing off a brilliantly white smile, look no further than Dr. Colby Echols at Swan Dental in Tucson, AZ. Dr. Echols has been providing professional teeth whitening with excellent results to patients who come in looking for a smile makeover.

Why Choosing A Professional Whitening Is Right For You

It is highly likely that you have been thinking about whiter teeth for a while now. You have probably walked the aisles of your local grocery or drug store and seen the options available to consumers. If so, you may have even wondered what makes these options inferior to professional whitening. Why wouldn’t a product offered by a reputable drug company such as Oral B or Colgate provide quality results? Let us take a look at some reasons why professional cleaning is superior to over the counter gels or whitening strips.

  1. Limited Strength

Whitening solutions offered over the counter cannot provide the same results as professional cleaning. This is due to whitening gels, which cannot pack the same punch as what a professional treatment would provide. This makes total sense and is for the consumer’s safety. A professional whitening gel is more reactive and is stronger than anything offered over the counter because these gels are being handled by a professionally trained dentist or oral hygienist. If you only need minimal whitening (maybe just a shade or two whiter teeth), then an over the counter may work. But if you are looking for a significant result, you need to consider a professional whitening treatment.

  1. Poor Fit

Many whitening solutions you can buy from your local grocery or drug store utilize a boil and bite style mouthpiece into which you apply the whitening gel. The problem with this is that they can be ill-fitting and uncomfortable to wear. Without a proper fit, the whitening gel may not come into contact with the entire tooth’s surface leading to uneven results. Whitening strips, another option, can be even worse as they can be difficult to work with as you try to get the strips to conform to your teeth.

If you are interested in learning more about teeth whitening in Tucson, AZ, please give Swan Dental and Dr. Colby Echols a call today at (520) 595-3655.

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