Common Reasons Why You May Need Endodontic Services from a Dentist in Tucson, AZ

Endodontic Services at Swan Dental Tucson AZ Area

When you are facing severe decay in a tooth that has progressed to the inner pulp and nerves, you are likely going to need endodontic services from Dr. Colby Echols at Swan Dental in Tucson, AZ. Dr. Echols has helped save multiple teeth through the root canal procedure. When a tooth nears the point of needing extraction, a root canal may be the best option for saving the tooth. There are more reasons than deep decay, which may result in you needing a root canal.  Let us take a look at some of these reasons.

Deep Decay

Tooth decay occurs when bacteria are untreated. These bacteria produce acid which eats away at your teeth. If caught early, you may need a simple filling. When left untreated, however, this surface decay can turn into deep decay. What happens with deep decay is that the inner portion of the tooth, including the tooth pulp and nerves, becomes infected. When this occurs, your only option may be a root canal. A root canal allows for the infected tissue within the tooth to be cleaned out, and then the tooth will be capped with (in most cases) a crown.

Repeat Procedures

Repeat Procedures in Endodontic Services at Swan Dental Tucson AZ Area

When you have work done repeatedly on the same tooth, you are facing the risk of eventual root canal treatment. If you get a filling but then that same tooth decays, another filling may be necessary. Eventually, you will have no more outer tooth material to fill, and any further infection will be to the inner portion of the tooth. Once this occurs, a root canal would be necessary to eradicate the decay and bacteria.

Large Fillings

The longer a cavity is left untreated, the larger the filling will need to be for treatment. By the time you get into the dentist for treatment, the amount of decay could be extensive, resulting in more tooth structure removal and a large filling. This affects the structural integrity of the tooth and does not leave you much room for future decay. The next time that tooth has some decay, it may reach the inner portion of the tooth, and you will need a root canal.

If you need a dental examination or have tooth pain due to a potential cavity, it is important not to wait. Please give Dr. Colby Echols at Swan Dental a call today at (520) 595-3655.

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