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An unhealthy smile can lead to a great deal of suffering, both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, modern dentistry has the tools and techniques to bring relief to dental health problems and restore you to a healthy, youthful smile.

Swan Dental has helped countless patients across Tucson and the surrounding communities to rejuvenate their smile and improve their oral health. Dr. Colby Echols combines his years of experience with a gentle touch and a friendly manner toward every patient he sees. Schedule an appointment today for quality dental restorations in hands you trust. 

Dental Restoration Services at Swan Dental

At Swan Dental, we are dedicated to providing restorative services with an expert hand and a gentle touch. We offer a wide array of treatment options so that patients of all sorts can find relief from their dental issues. Our restorative dental services include:

Dental Implants: A permanent way to restore a lost tooth. A titanium post is inserted into the jaw bone, providing a root for a prosthetic tooth. This restorative option preserves bone mass and bite alignment, and requires the least maintenance of all restoration treatments.

Fixed Bridges: This replacement method suspends up to three prosthetic teeth between two neighboring teeth, which act as supports. The support teeth are fixed with crowns to hold the prosthetic in place, restoring tooth function and preserving the bite.

Partial & Complete Dentures: When several teeth have been lost, dentures are a reliable replacement option. Partial dentures replace a group of teeth, while complete dentures replace the entire arch. Dentures can also be supported by implants for a secure, permanent fixture.

Fillings: The most common restorative procedure. The filling material is used to close up spaces where the decayed enamel has been removed, providing structure and protection against further decay. The filling material can be color-matched to your tooth, preserving the aesthetic of your smile.

Crowns: Dental crowns cap a tooth to provide strength and protection. They are commonly used when a tooth is severely decayed, fractured, worn down, or has had a root canal. Like cosmetic fillings, crowns can be made to match your natural teeth.

Root Canal Therapy:  Though previously mistrusted, modern root canal therapy is a safe and gentle way to preserve a tooth with severe decay. The dentist creates an access point to the inner tooth and removes the infected pulp. He then cleans the root canals and places a support material inside to stabilize the tooth roots. The tooth is filled in and topped with a crown, restoring it to ideal health and function.

Tooth Extractions: If a tooth is too decayed or broken to save, an extraction may be necessary. Our office provides gentle and experienced extractions to remove the tooth with maximum patient comfort.

When to Consider Restorations for Your Smile

The dentist can detect and alert you to any severe dental health problems during your routine exam. However, sometimes problems can appear between exams. To ensure no serious problems go without treatment, contact us if you: 

Have a toothache
Fracture, chip, or break a tooth
Have a cavity or dental caries
Have a loose filling or crown

Swan Dental is dedicated to bringing relief and healing to Tucson residents. Contact our office for a consultation today.


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Judy A.
★★★★★ a month ago
Very impressed. Dr. Echols conducted much of the cleaning himself and thoroughly examined my teeth and gums. Staff members were friendly and professional. I'm glad I chose this practice.

Hank G.
★★★★★ 6 months ago
Swan Dental is a very friendly yet professional Dental Office with a great atmosphere, friendly staff and Doctor. This was my first visit and was called in exactly at my appointed time; I'm am very pleased so far. I'm happy I tried them. BTW, the prices they charged were a little lower than those of my previous dentist.
Update - some months later, went in for 2 fillings. Dr Echols and his assistant had them both done in about 20 minutes, and no pain. Simply a great dental office!

Bill L.
1 review
★★★★★ 8 months ago
I live in North Carolina and was in Tucson helping our daughter move. A poor choice in candy selection resulted the crown on a lower molar "popping off". I called several dentists on a Monday morning and one of the dentist's receptionist referred me to Swan Dental - her personal dentist. The folks at Swan were incredible. They were efficient, kind, friendly, professional ... the superlatives just keep coming. I was thrilled to be seen the same morning I called and the dentist cemented the crown expeditiously. The receptionist, assistant, and dentist were all extraordinary. I wish the dental professionals in my home town were as focused on providing such an exceptionally positive experience. Thanks!

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