Dentist in Tucson, AZ Stressing the Link Between Healthy Teeth and Gums to Cardiovascular Disease

Connection of Teeth and Gums to Cardiovascular Disease in Tucson Area

For many of us, we can think of quite a few things we would like to do instead of going into the dentist. Going to the dentist does not have to be a hassle. Be it for corrective, preventative, or cosmetic dental work, Dr. Colby Echols would love to welcome you into Swan Dental. Dr. Echols has been providing friendly and quality dental care to patients in the Tucson, AZ area with compassion and a gentle touch. The team at Swan Dental offers a full range of services and would love to demonstrate to you what sets them apart.

Caring for your mouth, teeth, and gums is a goal we should all strive for as it can go a long way in preventing bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. We all want to keep our teeth into our later years, and this can only be accomplished through regular at-home care alongside regular dental visits for examinations and cleanings. In addition to the obvious benefits of taking care of your oral health, doctors are finding links to poor oral health and overall health.

The Link Between Your Mouth and Heart

Many people are surprised to hear of recent findings that show the link between poor oral health and cardiovascular issues including heart attacks and stroke. There have been several theories put forth which have explained why this link exists. Here are just a couple:

  • Bacteria that exist in the mouth which causes gum infection (gingivitis and periodontal disease) can get into the bloodstream and travel to the blood vessels throughout the body causing inflammation and damage. This can lead to small blood clots, heart attack, or stroke.
  • Even if it can be explained that the bacteria are itself not the problem, the body’s natural immune response (called inflammation) could set off vascular damage throughout a person’s body, including the heart and brain.

In a recent study, data was taken from over 1 million patients who had experienced more than 65,000 cardiovascular health events and it was found that there was a moderate correlation between tooth loss due to decay or gum disease and coronary heart disease.

Taking care of your oral health goes beyond just making sure you have a beautiful smile. Please give Dr. Colby Echols a call today at (520) 595-3655 to schedule an appointment and learn what Swan Dental can offer you.

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